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Penis Extensions

Without a doubt the easiest way to enlarge your Penis is through Penis Extensions. These devices come in many shapes and sizes and when slipped over the penis will give you more length and girth, of course they are non-permanent but they will give you more in an instant.

Penis extensions come in many shapes and sizes and are mainly designed to add pleasure to your partner, whether this be through the increase in size or because of the textured surface commonly found.

Extender Outlet recommends using penis extensions while you are developing your penis size using one of the extenders.

The benefits of using Extensions

Whilst we recommend using a penis extension while you are increasing your size it is always good to use an extension with your partner first, so that they can experience what you will feel like once the course is complete. Many of our clients buy an extension before they choose their extender so that they can be certain that their partner is happy with their planned size increase.

Extensions will give you a quick fix and they can also help maintain your enthusiasm for increasing your penis size. Using extenders is the best way to develop your penis, but it does take effort, patience and discipline and whilst you journey down that road the use of an extension can keep you motivated and driven and we believe will help you to ensure success.

Many extensions now are very thin so you can really feel the pleasure of intercourse; the feeling is often no less real than when you use a condom.

Some extensions will actually run down the whole of your shaft, others only part way and you need to ensure that your starting size is above the minimum recommended size for use to ensure that the extension remains in position. In terms of the diameter, both latex and silicone are very elastic and they will fit tightly around almost all starting diameters.

Penis Extension Materials

Penis extensions are available in a variety of materials, many use trade names but they can be broken down into either Rubber (latex) or Silicone and it is important that you select the correct one depending on your circumstances.

We always recommend using both talcum powder on the inside and a good lubricant on the outside. The talcum powder helps you to put the extension on firmly and fully and avoids any friction. Using a lubricant helps to provide a longer friction free sexual experience for your partner and can also help to protect the surface of your extension.

Please see our material specification below for appropriate lubricants, depending on the extension material that you choose.

It is important to use a sex toy cleaner or sanitary wipe on the extension, both inside and outside, after use. This prevents bacteria developing and will also help the extension last for longer.

Latex Extensions
Latex extensions are generally cheaper than silicone, they are reasonably flexible and often come with a textured surface.

Condoms are made from latex so you can get a good idea of how thin the extension can be, whilst still remaining secure.

We always recommend using a lubricant, but we recommend only using water-based lubricants to protect the surface of the extension. Silicone and Oil based (Ky Jelly) lubricants will cause damage to the latex material and so should be avoided.

Like with condoms, latex intolerance is quite common so it’s always a good idea to know whether your partner can use condoms or not. You also have to be able to use condoms safely.

Remember to always use a sex toy cleaner or sanitary wipe with your latex penis extensions.

Silicone Extensions
Silicone is a hypo-allergenic material which means all humans are safe to use it. It is non-porous which means that it will not harbour bacteria within the material itself. You should always clean both the inside and outside of the extension with a good sex toy cleaner or sanitary wipe – even though bacteria will not harbour in the material, it can linger within the angles of the product design.

Using a lubricant will help protect your toy and lead to a more satisfying experience. Never use oil or silicone based lubricants with silicone toys. Liquid silicone actually attacks static silicone and will cause your extension to fail. Always use a water-based lubricant.

We stock a wide variety of penis extensions at Extender Outlet. We try to provide as much information and variety as possible to ensure you select the best extension for you to use whilst you develop your penis size.